Social Media Activist

So, I had this long drawn out thing about what’s going on in my life right now and suddenly my phone cut off then cut back on. Therefore, all my work was lost. Anyway, it was basically just about the fact hat I haven’t wrote anything in the past 3 weeks even though I dedicate summers to writing and working on my craft.

I’m dedicating the 15 minutes I get for a break – which is practically almost over now – to write about whatever: poems, short stories, or comments.

Okay, my first concern is : social media activist and why so many people are against them.

I think people aren’t prone to being in favor of these individuals because people may feel they are only showing such concern because it is a trend to them. That begs the question: are people of our generation truly “woke” or are people just “woke” because has become a trend to be as such?

I have nothing against people who preach on social media about black lives and show concern. I don’t know everyone’s individual situation, so they may be doing all they can do by encouraging via social media. At times people are too quick to attribute these negative traits to people over social media.

This is actually something we are talking about in my intro to human communication class. It’s basically saying that we are biased towards people we know. We allow there to be more external reasons for the negative things people we know do. On the other hand, people we don’t know deal with us judging them and placing blame on themselves as individuals.

We are certainly too quick to say people are promoting help for black lives, because it is a trend now. Even if it is a trend to some, is that such a bad thing for most? Public relation students and professionals say that, in most situations: any press is good press.

The bigger picture is that whole generations are knowledgable about the negative effect of black lives in America and they are voicing their stories. What has been done in the dark for so long had finally come to the light .


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