“Muse” by Asya Fields aka ‘Rumination’

My heart seems to constantly be drawn to your wave.

I’ve crashed against the shore many times and I no longer feel safe

-I wanna feel safe.

I wanna know that what I plant will be rooted in place.


Your water became too much.


We know water can get heavy.

Though I carried not a much lighter load when you met me.

Your job was to protect me.


Am I a fool for thinking I need to be protected?

We aren’t objects and I won’t objectify

-I say your brokenness made me feel rejected


What is love?


I still can’t define it for us.

I still can’t find it for us.

I still can’t build it for us.


Behind us is a story we’d call love if we told it.

We realized that we carry cases full of shit.

We realized we want someone to help us hold it.


If you up root your weeds to see your garden more clearly,

If you ask if I have the strength to carry,

If we tend to our grass.


Your waves can crash into my shore.

Your waves can replenish my soul.


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