Hi everyone! Sheisrumination was created to be a space for myself and others. I hope that while reading you feel welcomed and less alone in whatever circumstances life has thrown your way.

On this site you can expect to see posts about my adventures, topics that interest me, other artist that are currently inspiring my creative juices, and life updates in the ‘Behind Rumination’ tab.

There you will also find the definition of rumination that inspired this name. I am often asked “What does that mean?” or “Isn’t that a bad thing?” The answer to both of these questions can be found n my writing.

In the ‘Home’ tab I explain both of these questions through poetry, fiction, and non fiction pieces. If you are interested in poetry, fiction, or nonfiction this is the site for you! If you are interested in reading work that I get published on other outlets, you can see that here as well!

Though I have been writing for many years I am always trying to grow and learn more about myself as an artist. I feel like I am in a constant state of growth; fluctuating between what my creative needs and desires are. All of these feelings are expressed though my writing. My brain gets a little cluttered, so I created this space for myself, other creatives, and people who are just discovering their creative genius. We are all on a journey through life, and this is mine.





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