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When I buy Her Flowers

I’ll tell her the lessons that they bring/ how they don’t just signal Spring.

I’ll tell her how they teach us to grow/ whether picked of planted there’s more to know.

I’ll tell her all the traits we have in common/ like people some have good and bad omens.

Watching a flower wilt after being plucked/ sacrificing beauty so you can feel loved.

Planting in soil rich with nutrients/ beauty so fleeting when innocence ends.

The Vibe

Up to something….

My Peace of Heaven

Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Garden|Self care these days is walking down trails, listening to the earth.| P.S. Practicing my editing skills here… let me know what you guys think. Using a cheap software right now because money is tight.


Week One D.C…. We got landmarks, ALL the food, and NATURE 15-20 minutes from each other- depending on the traffic. People don’t talk as much as in the south, but that could be a good thing. I live literally up the street from the capital, and I feel like hopes, dreams, prophecies, and wishes are all coming to fruition. Lets talk about being homesick, because I am. I miss my friends and family already- I am a big baby to say the least-, but I haven’t cried yet. That’s a win in my book. Outside of all the landmarks, food, and nature here; I also see poverty. Remember, I stay up the street from the capital. I also stay mack in the middle of the hood.  Now, if you’re from the DMV area, you may call it something different, but my suburban eyes see the hood. While, I see the hood I also see potential, comfort, and systemic issues- by now we all know what that means.

Black people are confined to one small area, while wealthy white people- non-POC- take over the surrounding areas and gentrify what they can get their hands on.

It’s crazy, but I wanted reality, and I wanted to make a difference. I feel I am in the right place at the right time. Serendipity, some would call it- I think. Basically, I’m adjusting to things and opening my eyes to the lives I read about in college textbooks. All them studies people have done on this inequality, but some rarely get hands on experience with it. I know I am blessed. | Sanphan is a Thai restaurant and they got some banging Pad Thai- though it was my first time having Pad Thai. It was still good as fuck. Can’t wait to get money so I can eat more. | It was also the talented, beautiful, intelligent, artist Hassan El Hobo’s 22nd birthday this past Friday. It was a blast with my Cancer man in the city. I thank him for all his support, it’s worth a thousand and one likes, followers, and shares. I am beyond happy to have a man who understands the importance of dreams, and helps me to follow them. 22 around the sun has shown him some things, and he still has a pure heart. Love. With that being said, he deserves a shameless plug, so check out his sound cloud if you haven’t

Hassan El Hobo

He is currently working on a project titled “Killyour Doubt” so check that out when it drops. | That’s all for now, this was a longer post than expected. Love from D.C.

Sunday vibes| Photo shoot with my rapper photographer cool-guy friend, Gee. | Realizing that I am camera shy. I love taking pictures, so imagine how shocked I am to learn this. A lot of things happened on this trip: Asked a stranger to sit on their porch for aesthetic effects, considered breaking and entering, decided against breaking and entering, realized that the world is probably going to end because of nuclear disaster, decided to be okay with that. | Check out more of Gee’s work on IG @Camnimbus.


IMG_0697 2

It’s Gemini season| Celebrating my friend’s 22nd bday with brunch at the Corner Tavern in Atlanta, GA | Met the best creator there. Singer, songwriter, future yogi. | Follow him on IG and Soundcloud @whoisiiii


Lover is my muse| There was fire being spit in this room, check the temp | Love being around creative energy | Check out @LaxxP on IG, Twitter, and Soundcloud, and check out Catharsis EP while you’re there


Trip to Savannah with my love | Thrift store finds



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